According to the latest survey report, Vue.JS is ranked as the third most used frontend framework for the last few years. Why? Let's read the article to get a better understanding of the importance of Vue.JS for web UI development.

Developing an app is a complex process. It involves several essential factors and strategies that make a mobile app development process a grand success. A properly executed app development can help your company or organization build a loyal base most cost-effectively. So, when you are planning to hire an app development company make sure the developers are efficient enough to execute every step of developing an app such as providing proper app content, applying captivating graphic art, utilizing the right app development, frequent testing, and most importantly designing an app with the users in mind. Not long ago, there was a common tendency among the brands and the developers not to give enough importance to app design failing to engage the target audience even after utilizing the latest technologies and functionalities. But now the developers know how important it is to create an intuitive UI design to give a one-stop-shop experience to the users.

For many years developers have extensively searched for the best JavaScript framework to pick for developing the UI of their web app by considering the success rate of the app, and Vue.js has succeeded as one of the most important tech stacks for developing the UI of an app. So, if you are planning to develop a web application for your business, make sure you hire a leading VueJS Development Company who can effectively work on your User Interface Design and app usability, the two subsets of user experience design.

Know Exactly What Vue.JS is?

Vue.JS is a progressive framework of JavaScript created by Evan You, an ex-employee of Google. It is mainly introduced to build web interfaces and one-page applications. It is designed in such a way that it can easily scale between a library and a framework depending on different use cases. It is featured with an approachable core library and a supporting ecosystem to support libraries and tackle complexity in large Single-Page Applications. In addition, Vue.JS can be integrated easily into big projects and simplify the entire web development process. The framework offers a complete set of features that make it easier for business owners and developers to enter the UI world. The striking features of Vue.JS include:

  • Virtual DOM
  • Data Binding
  • Components
  • Event Handling
  • Animation
  • Compound Properties
  • Templates
  • Directives
  • Watchers
  • Routing
  • Lightweight
  • Vue-CLI

8 Top Reasons to Choose Vue.JS for Web UI Development

Thanks to the number of advantages of Vue.JS that make it popular among the business owners and users, especially for those who mainly focus on creating an intuitive UI design and introducing a perfect interactive web app to their target audience. Now look at the top reasons why both business enthusiasts and developers prefer Vue.JS for developing the UI of app development:

  • Small App Size: The prominent reason for using Vue.JS is that it has a small size of 18-21KB makes it ideal for the developers to work on. In addition, it also delivers high performance despite its smaller size. It simply means that is Vue.JS JavaScript framework is effective enough for handling both small and large projects.
  • Ease of Learning: It has a simple UI structure that can track and correct errors regarding the coding environment for every type of project. It is because Vue.JS has a comparatively less steep learning curve. This is one of the prime reasons that make Vue.JS popular as a web development UI framework.
  • Higher Performance: As mentioned above, Vue.JS is capable enough to provide higher performance. It is because along with working with Virtual DOM, it also pays attention to resolving the shortcomings. Moreover, it can manage a high frame rate. Developers also claim that it performs even better than React.
  • Simplified Integration: It is such a JavaScript framework that can be easily integrated with any other JavaScript application. Thus it provides freedom to the developers while developing web apps from scratch as well as integrating it into the existing applications.
  • Offers Flexibility: Vue.JS offers the highest flexibility to the developers. It enables developers to write templates in HTML and JavaScript allowing them to run on multiple browsers. Moreover, Vue.JS will help you avoid different types of busy work as it is featured a lot of built-in solutions. It simply means that Vue.JS enforces several effort-saving conventions.
  • Future-Proof: App development is an ongoing process that does not end with the just deployment of an app. It requires continuous updating, bug fixing, adding new features, and many other improvements. Vue.JS makes updating easy. Even it simplifies the large updates by maintaining as much backward compatibility as possible. Moreover opting for Vue.JS Development Services for your project means freeing the precious resources for feature development.
  • Built with Latest Technology: Vue.JS is a comparatively new technology stack. It simply means that it has been created by considering the previous mistakes in mind. For instance, developers will never face any issues that are often faced with Angular.js. Most importantly, the Vue.JS framework comes with well-defined documentation that can aid developers to understand the requisite mechanisms along with crafting applications in a hassle-free manner.
  • Progressive: If your project needs a performance boost, you must go with Vue. JS. It is mainly because of the progressive nature that makes it possible for the Vue.JS introducing into your codebase gradually. It simply means that there is no need to rework the whole thing; rather developers can go step by step to make the entire endeavor more manageable.

Know About Some Top UI Libraries to Consider in 2022

Now, look at the list of prominent Vue.JS libraries that you should look out for while planning to develop your app and hiring a Vue.JS development company.

  • Vuetify: Vuetify is a prominent Vue.JS library that provides developers with more than 82 components, server-side rendering support, premium themes along with additional business or enterprise support
  • Element: It provides developers with a complete selection of customizable components especially for building desktop and mobile apps with Vue. JS. In addition, it also offers a version for React and Angular.
  • Vue Material: It is a resource for both UI and UX designers that offers different advantages like upgraded webpack SPA, a single HTML file for easier setup, universal application with Nuxt.JS, and many more.
  • Quasar Framework: It is specially designed for developing responsive sites, electron apps, and hybrid mobile applications with the help of its exclusive features such as cache busting, HTML/CSS/JS minification, source mapping, out-of-box accessibility, and many more.
  • Buefy: It is comparatively a lightweight UI library based on Bulma which is a CSS framework. This particular library comprises several ready-made components that help the budding developers to start their projects effortlessly.
  • Bootstrap Vue: It combines the power of both Vue and Bootstrap making it popular among both the UI UX Designers. Moreover, it has robust community support and comprehensive documentation.

The Final Thought

So, as a business owner, if you want to get the best benefit from your digital business, Vue.JS can deliver you the advanced technology perks that you want to achieve your business goal. But make sure you hire the best Vue.JS Development Company India to get the best result.

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